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1755 Enterprise Parkway, Suite 600
Twinsburg, Ohio 44087

1-844-GO2ROYAL (462-7692)

Royal Chemical
Macedonia Plant

8679 South Freeway Drive 
Macedonia, OH 44056 

P: 330-467-1300
F: 330-468-1289 (Production Dept.)
F: 330-467-5254 (Customer Service)

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Macedonia, OH

Royal Chemical’s Macedonia Plant is a liquid and dry/powder plant located in northeast Ohio near Interstate 271, just five miles from the Ohio Turnpike.

 ISO 9001 certified

As an ISO 9001-certified plant, we possess a strong focus on quality and work to ensure that you receive the highest standard products and services with each and every order.

Kosher Certified

Our plants are kosher certified, meeting your kosher-requirements for your products. We work with a wide range of industry certifications.

Capacity for 150 million pounds annually

With the capacity to produce 150 million pounds of chemicals annually, we can take on jobs and are ready to create your custom solution today.

Over 150,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space

We have the space to take on a number of different jobs and products. It doesn’t matter where you are in the product life cycle; we have the capacity and flexibility to assist you.

Non-Union workforce

With a non-union workforce, we offer a great deal of manufacturing flexibility.

Norfolk & Southern Rail service

By having rail service, we offer you a timely, cost-effective raw material solution.

Bulk and Rail unloading

With bulk and rail unloading options available, we have cost-effective raw materials that allow flexibility with transportation.

29 bulk storage tanks

With 19 liquid and 10 dry storage tanks, Royal Chemical is able to purchase and store high volume chemicals that offer you cost-effective raw material solutions for your products.

20 mixers

  • 17 liquid (stainless steel with heating and cooling and polyethylene) 250 to-5,000 Gallons
  • 3 powder (1 ribbon and 2 paddle) 6000 Pound
  • Ross Miles Emulsifier

Liquid packaging of bottles, pails, drums, totes and bulk tank trucks

Royal Chemical is able to produce a wide range of packaging options to meet your liquid packaging needs.

Dry packages include supersacks, boxes, drums, bags, bottles and form, fill, and seal pouching line

Royal Chemical is able to provide a wide range of packaging options to meet your dry packaging needs.

Bottling Lines

  • 2-Ten head stainless and polyethylene, 16oz to 2.5 gallons
  • Four head in-line automated bottling systems 16oz to 2.5 gallons
  • AMS Powder bottle filling line
  • Royal Chemical is able to provide a wide range of packaging options to meet your packaging needs.

Deionization system

Royal Chemical’s deionization system offers you the flexibility to meet your custom needs regarding water softening and deionization.

Quality control laboratory

Royal Chemical has dedicated on-site, quality personnel ensuring your products meet your standards.

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